** Our Phone Numbers have changed - Sales: 01225 767 129 / Accounts: 01225 781 991 / Support: 01225 781 990 **

Our Phone Numbers have changed - Sales: 01225 767 129 / Accounts: 01225 781 991 / Support: 01225 781 990

Product Returns Policy

GM Techtronics operate a strict returns policy on all Products.

The standard warranty guarantee is for 2 years only.

This is extendable to 3 years on Daitem brand Doorphone Products, or 5 years from the date of Purchase on Daitem brand Alarm Products; by returning the warranty registration form included within the product packaging. This must be sent to us within 10 days of purchase. In the event of uncertainty of the duration of the warranty, the Serial Number on the label of the product will serve as a reference and our Technical staff can advise.

Please note; the GSM Dialler 2 year warranty is NOT extendable.

We will only accept returned goods which display a Returns Authorisation Number (RAN).

If goods are returned without a valid RAN we cannot be responsible for those goods and may return them to you. You can only obtain a valid RAN direct from GM Techtronics Ltd.

In order that returned items are processed efficiently; please make sure all items being returned are accompanied by a returns note, quoting the RAN followed by a description of the fault.

Returns Procedure: BEFORE returning any suspect items; make a note of the fault or symptoms and contact our Technical Department on: 01225 767 129. If our Technician confirms the item as suspect, a RAN will be issued. This number should be quoted on all correspondence relating to the return of the item.

GM Techtronics reserve the right to refuse delivery of items not accompanied by a valid GM Techtronics Returns Authorisation Number.

NOTE: if the products in question were originally purchased via a Distributor or Wholesaler, they must be returned via that Supplier/Wholesaler in the first instance.

Please read the Terms and Conditions below carefully before sending item/s.

Terms and Conditions: subject to Orders placed and goods received. All sections are relevant to returns:

  1. Shipping costs are always paid for by the sender 
  2. Item must be packaged to resist the hazards of Transportation
  3. Any materials damaged during Transit, will not be considered to be under warranty
  4. The material presumed to be defective must be returned to us complete with its power supply and components.
  5. All parcels received in bad condition will be refused by reception.
  6. All returns must include a note with sender details, the reason for return and a GM Techtronics RAN Number.
  7. As long as the product is still sold at GM Techtronics ltd, any device recognised as faulty and in warranty by our Technical Team will be exchanged by an equivalent new or repaired product.
  8. Any devices recognised to be operational will be returned as such to its sender with a test report. It will NOT be re-equipped with accessories.
  9. All refunds, Credits and replacements are at the discretion of GM Techtronics Ltd

GM Techtronics accept maintenance of products for a period of 2 years after the end of the commercialisation of a product, the exchange of that product by a new or reconditioned product, or with equivalent functions under the terms mentioned above.

Products ordered mistakenly or incorrect items delivered:

  1. Contact the Distributor / vendor where the goods were initially purchased
  2. You must notify your seller within 7 days of receiving an order where items are missing or incorrect
  3. Ensure products are returned complete with all accessories and in the Original packaging.

Please Note: Items returned due to incorrect ordering that have been received in damaged/defaced packaging, will incur a 25% restocking charge. This charge will also apply if an advanced replacement has been sent and no fault has been detected in the returned item.

Products which appear faulty during engineer installation:

  1. Products should only be installed by engineers who are qualified to install, in accordance with all local standards. GM Techtronics cannot be held responsible for installation of our products, including:
  2. Incorrectly fitted products which may fail to operate properly
  3. Mechanical or electronic modification of the product
  4. Using another power supply other than that supplied by/recommended by GM Techtronics Ltd
  5. Installation that does not comply with GM Techtronics specifications
  6. Products and sub-units not supplied by GM Techtronics Ltd

Terms: It is the installer’s responsibility to maintain the installation. If an installer has problems during an installation then in the first instance that installer must:

  1. Fully read the instruction manuals supplied with the product
  2. Call in their own technical team if necessary

If the installer continues to have problems they can contact a GM Techtronics Technical Support Specialist via our telephone Support Hotline 01225 767 129.

Products which appear faulty after installation:

All products are covered by a 2 year guarantee warranty against a genuine electronics failure. Daitem brand products have an extendable warranty as listed above, except Daitem brand GSM diallers which have a standard 2 year warranty only. The period of warranty is as per the registration card which should be included with your product.

This Warranty does not affect your Statutory Rights.

Products are not covered by:

  1. Vandalism
  2. Misuse
  3. User error
  4. Breakage by dropping or shock
  5. Incidents occurring in transport
  6. Installations that do not comply with manufacturer’s specification
  7. Extreme Weather conditions/ Natural disasters
  8. Power Surges
  9. Battery failures
  10. Fitted products and sub-units not supplied by GM Techtronics Ltd

Any device that has been exchanged becomes the property of GM Techtronics Ltd. The initial warranty is not extended for products exchanged or repaired under warranty. It is therefore unnecessary to return the warranty extension registration form for products replaced or exchanged under warranty.

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