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Daitem e-Nova Wireless Security Systems

Daitem provides a comprehensive range of wireless alarm system equipment to provide the professional installer with everything required to tailor a system that will meet any of their customer’s individual needs.

20, 40 or 80 zones, 2, 4 or 8 intrusion partition groups.
Various Plug-In Transmission Modules ADSL, PSTN, GSM, GPRS
10 Internal / External Sirens or Sounders (vocal notification, warnings and deterents)
Up to 5 Relay Range Extenders per system
Mobile App available in Android + iOS to operate, arm / disarm, view images and lots more!
Protection against intrusion, fire and household hazards
Detect and Deter before any break-in occurs
Customisable Keypad Options 
15 Keypads or Remote controls
Rapid Deployment - Fast Installation
Relay Repeaters extend the wireless range
Up to 5 Year Battery Life in normal conditions of use
Extended Warranty available

Internal and External Perimeter Detection

Internal Detection - Ideal for Residential and Commercial Security Systems

Door / Window Contacts (multi-contact available with built-in input)
PIR Detectors (standard Wide angle, Pet tolerent, Corridor and Curtain options)
PIR Detector with built-in Camera, Image Capture Storage and low light flash.
Dual Technology Motion Detector - PIR plus Microwave
PIR Detector ruggedised for harsh environments
Wireless Smoke Detector (10 year battery life)
Wireless Heat Detector (10 year battery life)
Glass-break detector
Flood detector
Internal and External universal transmitters (to connect hard wired devices)

External Perimeter Detection

Ideal for Void Property, Site Security and Scaffold Alarm Systems

External Pet-tolerant Motion Detectors
External Motion Detectors
Active Infra-red Barrier Beam with radio Transmitter / Receiver (30 Mtr or 60 Mtr)
Active Infra-red Barrier Beams, Slave Units (No radio Transmitter or Receiver. 30 Mtr or 60 Mtr)

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