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FAQs - Daitem Digital Intercom

Daitem Digital Intercom FAQ's

If your handset is displaying a speaker with a line through it, the handset has been muted.

To remove the mute all you need to do is press and hold the 'ANSWER' button (button with the picture of a phone handset on it) for 5 seconds until the speaker image disappears.

The Daitem Digital Wireless Intercom comes with 2 years warranty as standard.

Simply peel one of the two stickers off of each product and return to GM Techtronics LTD for an extra year, this gives you 3 years warranty in total.

When the handset displays 'WAIT' this means the system is waiting for you to complete the next step.

This next step could be one of the following:

  • entering a PIN code in to the call point
  • showing a tag to the name plate on the call point
  • pressing the radio link button (bottom left button) inside the controller

A visitor came to the outdoor caller unit while you were out.
To delete the icon, press on the handset button.

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