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The Daitem e-Nova has the following:

  • EN 50131-3 grade 2 (Security Grade)
  • EN 50130-5 class 2 (Enviromental Class)

Not to mention all the other certifications Daitem hold for wireless signals etc etc.

The Daitem e-Nova can detect:

  • attempts to open
  • attempts to remove
  • if the phone line has been cut
  • attempts to hack radio codes
  • attempts to jam radio frequencies

All of the above will cause a temper alarm to be activated.


Prior to pairing a programming code needs to be entered to the keypad to inform that it is being linked to the old alarm system.

Put both keypad and alarm controller into programming mode.

  1. (master code)#2##
  2. (installer code)#3##

Enter *32*0** into the keypad


  1. *# on the alarm controller
  2. Press and hold 'OFF' on the keypad (max of 10 s)
  3. Espace will announce 'beep, control unit no.'
  4. Press 'OFF' on the keypad again.
  5. Espace will announce 'beep, off, control unit no.'
  6. keypad will also emit 'beep'

Pairing is complete


A visitor came to the outdoor caller unit while you were out.
To delete the icon, press on the handset button.

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