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3G GSM Switches/Intercoms APP available on the IOS APP Store

Home or office entry control made easy with the GM Techtronics 3G digital GSM Switches and Intercoms.

The 3G switches and Intercoms APP allows you to control your systems with the touch of a button.

Use your 3G Switch and Intercom APP to remotely open or close entrances, (pedestrian gates, driveway gates, rising bollards, traffic barriers, garage doors, etc)

Switch on heating, ventilation, air conditioning, pool or fountain pumps that can all be controlled from your APP. 

You can activate external lighting to make access approach safer at night from the touch of a button.


Main features 


Trigger, Hold open or close - Turn On or Off any electrical device connected to your 3G Intercom or Switch from the GMT Control APP.

Have more than one? No Problem!

With the APP you are able to store an unlimited amount of Intercoms or Switches.

Each Intercom/Switch on the APP can be named, each Intercom/Switch on the APP can be saved with different passwords. 




Easy to install - Simple to program - No major installation work required.

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