Daitem Wireless Intercom

Home and office security and control can be even simpler with the all NEW Daitem digital wireless entry control system

The Daitem wireless remote entry control system welcomes and filters visitors to the home or office.  Using the Daitem system remotely opening or closing one or up to 4 sets of entrances (pedestrian or driveway gates. garage doors, etc.).

Daitem Enova Security Systems

New Daitem e-Nova Wireless Alarm Systems

Daitem provides a comprehensive range of wireless alarm system equipment to provide the professional installer with everything required to tailor a system to meet any of their customer’s individual needs.

GSM Intercoms

Home or office entry control made easy with the GM Techtronics 3G digital GSM intercom system.

The 3G intercom allows you to welcome, filter and control visitors to the home or office. Use your 3G intercom system to remotely open or..

GSM Switches

Home or office entry control made easy with the GM Techtronics 3G digital GSM Switches.

The 3G switches allow you to filter and control visitors to the home or office. The keypad gives you the use of 384 codes for entry/exit. Use your 3G switch system to remotely open or..

GSM Switches

Total control from virtually anywhere with the GSM Remote Control Switches

A simple telephone call (or text message) can remotely switch an electrical device on or off and also open or close a gate or door - and that call is free.

Active Track

Active Track - Personal GPS / GPRS

A new security device that integrates a GPS receiver and a quad band GSM/GPRS phone for private two way communication.

This advanced product can either be used indoors or outdoors because of the A-GPS service, that supports GPS signals from satellites by GSM/GPRS.

A-GPS makes communication possible when network signals are weak.

Active Track is also equipped with an RFID reader.

Callisto Residential
Security Systems

Hybrid alarm control panel with integrated GPRS transmitter

CALLISTO is a perfect solution for any house, flat, office or service outlet. It is easy to use, reliable and affordable in terms of price and operational costs.

Solar Lighting

MYTHOS Solar lighting

With our Mythos range of Solar lighting you can have the benifit of no electricity bills and the ease of a simple bolt on installation.

No trenching or cables helping to drive the costs down to a minimum, and with upto 3 evenings of light from one full charge this system not only saves you time and money but also helps the environment. Helping to reduce your carbon footprint!

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