Online BrochureProduct details: Daitem wireless alarm systems

Daitem provide a comprehensive range of wireless alarm system equipment to provide the professional installer with everything required to tailor a system to meet any of their customer’s individual needs.

  • Motion detectors
  • Dual-technology motion detector
  • Pet-tolerant motion detector
  • External motion detectors
  • External pet-tolerant motion detector
  • Multicontact detector
  • Door/window multicontact detectors
  • Universal transmitter
  • External universal transmitter
  • Radio smoke detectors
GM Techtronics:  Range of Detectors
Control – Transceiver
  • 20 zone 3-group control panel-siren
  • 80 zone 8-group control panel-siren-telephone communicator
  • Telephone communicator module
  • GSM communicators
GM Techtronics:  Range of Control - Transceivers
Remote PC service
  • Transload
  • Uploading/downloading software
  • (Remote configuration/Remote maintenance)
GM Techtronics:  Remote PC Service
  • Siren
  • Strobe-sirens
GM Techtronics:  Range of Deterants
  • Remote switched relay outputs receiver
  • External/internal switching receivers
GM Techtronics:  Interfaces
  • Radio repeator relay
GM Techtronics:  Relay
  • Remote controls
  • Control remote keypad
  • Control and information remote keypad
  • Voice keypad with IR proximity detector and tag reader
  • Hardwired control interface remote keypad
  • Multi-0functional mobile keypad
GM Techtronics:  Remote Controls & Keypads